“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

Me, in need of hair gel and powder

I always have the hardest time writing Author Notes. “My Level of Awareness” is written by me – Robbin. At fifty(mumble, mumble)-something, I am an “older mom” to my son, Harry, who has been given the certified child-haters stamp of approval. I am, secondarily, a wife to the best stay-at-home dad in the business; a first-generation college graduate and PhD; a Clinical Team Leader for an animal health pharmaceutical company; a native New Yorker; an adopted Southerner; a Katrina survivor in permanent evacuation; and a veteran of the SCA heavy fighting field for my entire adult life (where I have a litany of titles, but most of my friends know me as just plain Bri.).

Me, in armor.

Oh, and I write. This is the result. As all things are relative, this is my level of awareness.

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