“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

An open letter to Child Track 24/7 GPS, Makers of the Trax Child Tracker :

I stumbled across your blog  for your tracking device where you used a comment that I left on the Filip facebook page.

First – I was VERY upset that you have edited my comments to add the last sentence. The entirety of my comment was “Has anyone else had issues with the watch charging? We cannot get our son’s watch to charge reliably. He’s only been able to use it once as a result.” PERIOD. Full stop. The last sentence “This child tracking device is weak!” was added when you put my comment on your page, and neither reflects my opinion nor my personal writing tone. I cut and pasted my actual comment DIRECTLY from my own activity history into this comment. Whereas I fully recognize your right to use publicly posted comments as a promotional device to criticize a competitor, I believe it is dishonest to edit them and present them as “direct quotes” and I want to set the record straight.

Second, while I did have problems with my first watch, Filip replace the watch, free of charge, and I had no charging issues with the second watch. A firmware update completely fixed the charge longevity issues. As frustrating as the experience has been, I fully expected that being a first-adopter, that my experience was likely to be spotty. The watch is now working fine. While a much less expensive tracker would certainly perform the geolocation functionality as well – or better – I was willing to pay and risk the new technology to have the two-way functionality. It hasn’t been smooth sailing by any means, and I fully understand why someone would not want to chance the Filip, but I deeply resent the misrepresentative editing of my comment, and I truly hope that this does not reflect on the integrity of your company.

I left the above comments on your blog post, but I don’t know that you will approve the comment. I feel strongly enough about the misrepresentation of my comments, that I am making the above public viewable (and therefore searchable) on my Facebook timeline.

And for full disclosure, the above has been edited to correct faulty grammar.

January 7th, 2015 at 10:23 pm