“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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It used to be the chant of June liberation when I was a kid – and likely it still is,  just one of the many defiant little rituals that constituted the love-hate relationship with the school year.  For the socially inept, school meant navigating the minefield of the hall locker society, where those square pegs […]

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I was watching my son today in the rear view mirror. Don’t worry, I was STOPPED while I did it, not speeding down the highway obliviously captivated by my son and being a general road hazard.  I was sanely waiting for a red light to turn so I could get onto the highway. Anyway, I […]

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I had a wedding to attend late this spring – my final unmarried brother is now happily wedded off to his lovely bride, and I am spared the ordeal of any more weddings until my nieces and nephews are old enough to tie the knot.  I don’t do family gatherings well, and I have threatened […]

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My relationship with peonies is complicated. I don’t see them as much in Arkansas as I did as a child in New York.  I don’t know enough about gardening to know if there is a horticultural reason for this, or if it’s just the vagaries of regional preference. It has been gray here.  July was […]

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Aren’t these beautiful? They can be yours, all yours…

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We interrupt your three-part miniseries of misery with a breaking story of new woe from Casa de Awareness. This just in, overheard by a representative who prefers to remain anonymous: Momma-de-Awareness: <singing with the television> Harry: <playing game distractedly> Momma, stop that. M-d-A: Stop what? H: That singing. I don’t want to hear that singing. […]

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