“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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This weekend, in a field near Casa de Awareness: “Mommy, here is a flower for you!  I picked this for you!” “Thank you honey, that’s beautiful.  This flower is a clover flower.  l like clover flowers.  And so do bees – bees like clover.” “Why do the bees like clover?” “Well, because clover makes a […]

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Your feel-good-Friday music of the week, brought to you by My Level of Awareness is: Whip up some Banana Pancakes and enjoy.

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I feel safe in the twin assumptions that, first, my child does not yet know how to read, and second, that he does not know the address of my webpage.  I would like to make the assertion that he doesn’t know how to get on the internet, but the fact that he has mastered my […]

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I am that thing that is much less rare than stereotypically assumed. I am a New York country girl. That enormous concentration of humanity known to us Upstaters simply as “The City” is the image of New York that overwhelming dominates the popular media.  It is hard for most people to wrap their head around […]

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Harry: Mommy, where is the clock? Harried and Overtired Mom:  It’s right there, Honey.  Can you tell me what it says? Harry:  It says it is past Harry’s bedtime. Mom:  Yes.  Yes it does. Who says my son can’t read a clock?

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I do not put forth that I have gained a whole hell of a lot of wisdom over the years.  I have spent my fair share of time knocking my forehead against a variety of flat immovable surfaces beyond the point where any claim to productivity could be made.  But, if I have one piece […]

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I have been helping my husband’s teenage cousin prepare for the math section of her ACT college entrance exam.   I have a minor in mathematics that I rarely have the opportunity to use (outside of statistics), and I was pleasantly suprised to find that my middle-aged senility had not yet extended to my memory […]

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$15 That’s the cost to recover one child in Malawi from starvation.  For the cost of lunch out for two, you can give a child a chance at life, and a full stomach for the first time since birth. Please, take a look at Project Peanut Butter.   Give up a couple of lunches. Save […]

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