“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

Do normal three-year-olds use words like “famished” in perfect context, despite the fact that you know, for a fact that you have not used that word in their presence?

When you ask them to do something, do they say they will do it “eventually”?

Or come out with “That was unexpected…” when they are surprised?

Because, right now, I think my son has a better daily vocabulary than I do and it’s scaring me.

January 13th, 2009 at 3:26 pm
5 Responses to “I swear it’s not in the genes…”
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    Tari Says:

    My first one was like this – the only 3 year old we knew who said said things like “on further reflection …” His younger brother was still on “I like firetrucks” at 3, and will never have his older brother’s vocabulary or way with words. Just take it as a blessing – it will provide you with years of free entertainment!

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    Marvin Says:

    BoyChild’s favorite word at that age was preposterous. He could also read basic stuff before he was four, mostly because we read to him all the time and he learned to sight read. It’s not average, but it is normal.

    GirlChild, however, used words and phrases way outside of normal for her age and in odd context. It’s one of the ways we figured out her neurological setup wasn’t quite wired normally.

    I think your boy is just a very, very intelligent, highly energetic, engaging kid. He’s about what I expected knowing his parents!

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    OS Says:

    Part of it is Thomas. God love the proper speech of the Brits. But the rest is just the difference between kids. That whoah! feeling that you get all the time is like a little price. For all the times we are spared from the average kid stuff. I didn’t suffer through half as much Power Rangers swill as my sister. It’s dreamy really. I feel totally blessed to have been given not one, but two boys that have that “gonna grow up and be a geek instead of a jock” personality. Not that jocks aren’t fantastic, too. All of the rest of my family are jocks. I just don’t know how my nephew didn’t kill my sister with that two year span of never saying anything without a karate chop for emphasis. Maybe since you are such a remarkable blending of the two, Harry will be as well? : )

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    Deirdre Says:

    You pay attention to life and so does Harry. He gets it from his parents.

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    My daughter is like that. I think that it comes from not “speaking down” to her. But, I’m especially proud (ahem) when she is able to curse in perfect context.