“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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Yesterday morning I broke my toe in a freak dog-boy-suitcase collision.  And yes, it was on “that leg“. Thankfully, it is more funny than painful and looks far worse than it feels today – all eggplant purple and slightly swollen.  Couple of weeks, and it will probably be back to normal. Comparing this to the […]

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All my best memories of my childhood in Upstate are cloaked in the lengthening shadows of autumn.  Although the cooler climate of the Great Lakes is particularly attractive to a southern dweller in the height of our brutal summers, if you get a chance to go to the New England (and I don’t care a […]

Posted at: October 29th, 2008 - 11:58 am - Number of Comments » 3

I have to make a shameless plug. My wonderful sister, Jess, who reads my blog, on my birthday sent me one of these: This is the bomb. If you have never really tried loose-leaf tea, you have not really appreciated tea.  But loose leaf, as superior to tea bag tea as it may be, it’s […]

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Know before you go. One thing I am passionate about, if you agree with my politics or not, is the provision of tools for an involved and informed electorate.   The above site is maintained by a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization.  If you enter your address, it will give you a sample ballot including all the […]

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Now that I am back on my feet, I have to take some satisfaction that my period of indisposition wasn’t a complete waste of time.   Behold my first garment: Excuse the crappy photo taken from my iPhone and the oh-so-lovely towel backdrop (I was blocking the sweater at the time I took the photo). […]

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…that whole primal scream therapy concept sounds like such a reasonable and rational idea. I want to state this now: I do not handle passive-aggressive management techniques well. And I will paradoxically stop there.

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We interrupt this blog for breaking news: I have:  A fibula that appears to have bone in all the appropriate and expected places. I do NOT have: A brace, cast or other implement of torture designed to seriously limit my choices of footwear. And the heavens rejoiced. Carry on with your regularly scheduled day.

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Friday’s whine list.  Salty with a piquant after-taste: 1.  For the fiftieth time, BROKEN LEGS SUCK! 2.  Those people who send you those inane email forwards that purport to have the simple answer to everything, without a thread of truth in them, particularly when the senders are relatives that are easily offended when you try […]

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I made Jayne hat #4 for my friend, Jon.  At this point in my knitting development I have learned to heavily modify patterns to make them come out more the way I want to, and this was my best Jayne hat yet. Good thing – it’s getting some wear.   My 4th little Jayne hat […]

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You think this economic bailout is just for the rich? My son’s college savings account lost 25% of its value last week. That amounts to OVER 5 months of savings, gone. That’s hurting the little guy. Yes, the market will come back, but we will have to gain over 30% of the current value just […]

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