“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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I think this is probably one of my mostest favoritest definitely-in-the-top-ten-ever posts by a mommyblogger: http://badladies.blogspot.com/2008/09/milk-it-does-body-good.html CCCOW!

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Want a pretty good primer on how the heck we ended up in this financial mess?  Straight from the mouths of the horses involved? The Giant Pool of Money Sit back.  It’s a wild ride.  If your jaw doesn’t drop at least once, you weren’t paying attention.

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Ever have one of those days where, no matter how much you fundamentally love your job, you really just teeter on the edge of walking out?  You know you will regret this in the morning, but at that very moment in time, it just seems like such a powerful idea that you really have to […]

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That is the news on the leg front. I had my third x-ray this morning.  The orthopedist’s reaction was “Well, huh.” No, there still is no visible bone growth.   Nothing has changed.  Nothing. But, there is no swelling (never was). And there is no pain (none after the first couple weeks). And there is […]

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You work your way through school to give yourself an education in this country. To better yourself. To make better decisions. To contribute to society. To claim your cultural heritage. To give your children a better life.  To make your parents proud. THEN YOU ARE AN ELITIST. If you fulfill the American Dream by having […]

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…pair that is. Knitting socks is addictive.  And because I still have a Scots-Irish soul and can’t stand waste, here is the first of Harry’s Leftover Socks, knitted with the scraps leftover from mine: Yes, I know there is something counter-intuitive to knitting something that: 1. Goes on my son’s feet and therefore will become […]

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I was home sick Tuesday.  My lungs decided on about my 40th birthday that any respiratory irritation of any variety – viral, bacterial or even the slightest drift of pollen – was an insult to their very existence and their response was to seize up in protest.   Last fall, at 43 years of age, […]

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…about the Tea Party. I am starting to wonder about where we are placing our priorities in this world, and I often ponder on whether the fact that we are a coffee-drinking nation is a metaphor for this. Coffee – caffeine packed, high octane, the-blacker-the-better stimulant that gets us through our day because we move, […]

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The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and for some reason, it makes me want one of these: Some fresh-baked scones, shortbread, wildflower honey and good conversation for an afternoon. The world could use a big healthy dose of culture and civility.

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I am going to echo something that Sheila posted on her blog the other day.  I don’t care what decision you make in the upcoming election. But make it an informed one: Fact Check Apparently one of the campaigns recognized the importance of Fact Check.  But, ironically, they used it in a misleading advertisement.  So, even […]

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