“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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The party was a smashing success.  And when I have cleared the aftermath, I will post more on this later. But for now, happy hats! My best friend came down, and there were mojitos, shopping, waaaaaayyyy too much bad-for-us-food, and  have I mentioned that my nails are frosty pink?  Specifically they are “Desert Nomad” pink, whatever-the-hell-that-is. […]

Posted at: June 29th, 2008 - 10:16 pm - Number of Comments » 4

… why hair stylists hate hair?  At least long hair. And why they seem inherently unable to tell the difference between three inches and six? My waist-length hair? Is now down to the bottom of my shoulders. Again. Okay, here’s a newsflash for the hair stylists out there: Some of us? Like. Our. Hair. Long. […]

Posted at: June 28th, 2008 - 11:31 am - Number of Comments » 6

My son turns three this weekend. THREE! When I look at his face, there is almost no baby left. If I look close at the roundedness of his cheeks and squint juuuuuussst the right way, I can see the infant that I could cuddle at will. But one glance at his thin angular muscled little-boy […]

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Totally me, don’t you think? Spittin’ image. God I love the internet.

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Christian living books are really not material that makes its way onto my bookshelves very often. Although I have been attending my local United Methodist Church regularly (a late development), and I do enjoy it a lot, I would describe myself as more spiritual than religious. My relationship with my Supreme Being is very direct […]

Posted at: June 24th, 2008 - 11:52 am - Number of Comments » 4

Knock on wood, because a lot can happen between now and December, but our current plan is to spend the Christmas holidays in my hometown. Kris’ current job basically demands that he take two weeks of forced vacation between the Fall and Spring semesters. I was banking my leave time in order to be able […]

Posted at: June 23rd, 2008 - 2:09 pm - Number of Comments » 2

Ten years ago tonight, under a summer moon at a very wild party, I fell in love for the last time. And I have a story to tell. It is story that took ten years to write and it isn’t even done. It is a story of new beginnings, and reinventions. There is death, and […]

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Yes, I have been experimenting with themes. I am also trying to figure out how the heck to get my Theme Switcher to set back to default. Sigh. WordPress. Love it, but sometimes I want to slam the keyboard around a bit.

Posted at: June 18th, 2008 - 5:00 pm - Number of Comments » 2

We took my son to the town playground Sunday evening. Our town park isn’t fancy, but it has an embarrassment of riches in the eyes of a three-year-old. It has THREE sets of playground equipment, well worn, but well maintained, separated by a creek bed (which from my childhood is a necessary element of imaginary […]

Posted at: June 16th, 2008 - 3:08 pm - Number of Comments » 5

My son picked up the most incredibly ORANGE worsted cotton off the shelf the other day and demanded I make him a hat: It was a challenge to match the wattage of that hat, but if there was ever a better depiction of “sunny smile”, I am not sure I have seen it. 

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