“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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I currently have three to four of my coworkers gathered in an office, assembling four 11-volume copies of a 500+ page report, the culmination of about a month of non-stop work and the associated stress. And the sound of shuffling papers is punctuated regularly by giggles wafting down the hall. I have the best employees EVER.

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“Theres a liiiiiigggghhhht!!”  Back to real blogging by Friday.  Until then, I leave you with another heart warming and illustrative anecdote. I had to work late again last night, but I threw everything in the car just after 8pm, so that I could get home and steal a few more moments of quality time with my little […]

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We awoke this morning to a little March surprise from Mother Nature: He is more excited than he looks.  Really, he is. The first thing he wanted to do was to “Build a Frosty!”  So in March, in a state where it almost never snows, my son and I stood on the deck, with wet and cold-reddened […]

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