“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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I was brushing my teeth, when a phrase from my son caught my attention enough for me to immediately spit out my toothpaste and peer around the door to figure out what the heck he was talking about. Toddlers say a lot of strange phrases.  Any mother of a child in those early-talking stages will attest […]

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I have been on an uncharacteristic meme-fixation lately.  And I saw this one at Magpie Musing that I just could not resist.  I let her tell you how she found it.  It’s a link to create your own album cover.  I SO needed to indulge my adolescent lead-singer fantasies!  It goes like this: 1. Click […]

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It’s bad enough to be having serious writers block as a blogger.  But consider that 50% of my job is medical writing, and if I can’t get inspired enough about cool things, like the philosophy of life, human relationships, and the universe, how the heck can I get the juices flowing when the subject is technical sections […]

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Way, way back,  Jodifur tagged all her readers with the “what are the 7 songs you have been listening to lately” meme that was making the blogging circuit at the time.  I kept meaning to post them.   I rarely procrastinate, but when I do, I do BIG TIME. So, after Great Delays, I give you the top […]

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I think I am an anti-blogger.   Most bloggers seem to need a hefty dose of angst in order to be productive.  When life gets happy, the posts slow, become shorter, and sometimes stop coming completely.   I am the opposite.  I am a joyful writer.  When I am happy, the words bubble up and flow out […]

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Whymommy, over at Toddler Planet, is facing her surgery in about a week now.  Over the last six months, she has been taking her struggle and fears facing Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) and turning them into posts so beautiful and poignant that she has moved me to tears.  Her page is one of the first […]

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You have already heard me wax eloquent about my other Christmas gift – my precious, coveted Zune, which has met and exceeded all expectations (Zune Passes ROCK, Y’all – all the music you can download for $14.99 a month).  Well, as they say “And that’s not all…” I got another gift from my husband for […]

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Because I was intrigued, I stole this meme from Midlife Mommy.  Obviously, some of the answers for my son are projected based on current plans.  Someday maybe I will show this to my son, so he knows how good he has it.  The things are true are in bold.  The meme from my parent’s perspective (8/34): […]

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…are reserved by little boys for their mommies. “Oh!  Mommy, you have a boo-boo!  I will kiss it and make it better.” Followed by the sweetest, softest, featherlight press of warm little lips. And everything is so much more than better. It is divine.

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One of my Christmas presents from my husband.  It will look very familiar: It was something I simply could NOT have justified buying myself, considering I have a seven-month old, perfectly useful cute, pink, first-generation 30G Zune.  But this one, despite being utilitarian black, is MUCH sleeker and sexier.  It’s 80G, which means that there […]

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