“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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I swear I am not materialistic.  Really.   After losing practically everything I own that didn’t fit in the trunk of a Chrysler Concorde, I think I can speak with some moral authority on that subject.  Truth be told, aside from a brief pang now and then over the books (ouch, there it goes, the pang) […]

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Our son has a Jack Russell Terrier.  Brownie. There is no more stereotypical “boy’s dog” than a Jack.  Think “My Dog Skip”.  They have boundless energy for “boy things” like playing catch, tag and back yard exploration. Jack Russell Terriers are also, if nobody has explained this to you yet, congenitally insane.  Here is a short […]

Posted at: May 30th, 2007 - 4:39 pm - Number of Comments » 2

There are so few no-brainer decisions in this life. Throw maternal angst in the mix and it is quite shocking that we don’t turn into gibbering idiots every time we have to choose between diaper brands.  Then make it about a residual-guilt-issue like daycare, and boy, howdy. There is very little chance that I can be a […]

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Okay, GAMBLE readers, I know at least SOME of you bought the book (and subsequently sold it).   Who wants to start?  Or shall I?

Posted at: May 25th, 2007 - 5:24 pm - Number of Comments » 3

Been a long day. Need a trip to the happy place. Touch-me-nots.  Just one of those late summer pleasures of a New England childhood.

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… and not for business this time!  My husband and I have been together for nine years next month.  And not once in those nine years have we taken a vacation that did not involve dressing up in armor or a medieval dress.  We got married during our first Crown reign and our honeymoon was […]

Posted at: May 23rd, 2007 - 11:41 am - Number of Comments » 3

Goodbye my dear laptop.  You survived Katrina.  You survived my son ripping off all of your keys and two resultant keyboard changes.  You survived many field inspections and trips through checked-luggage. But you simply could not survive being turned off and back on again within a 30 minute timespan. Just at the moment when I […]

Posted at: May 21st, 2007 - 10:24 am - Number of Comments » 4

Or maybe growing up in a heavily Mediterranean-influenced part of the country.  But I kind of lean toward the Spanish views on childrearing. Let me make one thing very clear.  I am in no way blaming Madeleine McCann’s parents for the abduction of their child.  My heart goes out to them and I pray that she […]

Posted at: May 17th, 2007 - 3:27 pm - Number of Comments » 5

Over a thousand dollars in digital camera and lenses sitting right on my dresser. Paid hosting at a dedicated photo site with hundreds of uploaded photos and professional finishing capabilities. And I am still a sucker for school pictures.

Posted at: May 15th, 2007 - 11:33 pm - Number of Comments » 6

I got this for Mother’s Day: I have this irrational urge to hide it from my dying iPOD.  I feel like the cad that replaced his first love with a younger sexier model.

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