“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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My son sleeps in our bed. But that’s not the confession part. It isn’t that he won’t sleep in his own – he does happily, through the entire night. It isn’t that I am an attachment parent, and I have the philosophy that it is better for bonding or his self-confidence or ability to form […]

Posted at: April 27th, 2007 - 3:46 pm - Number of Comments » 8

Okay, though the people actually keeping up with the book club may have dwindled to one, at least this month (and I am using the term ‘month’ very loosely) we are once again introducing a little more tell-all-gratuitous pop culture: Sorry, guys, it’s more chick lit.  But at least it’s chick lit of the Hard Rock variety: […]

Posted at: April 26th, 2007 - 10:47 am - Number of Comments » 3

Do you think Child Protective Services will really believe that he put himself in there?   Just what is the irresistable draw of children to dog crates?

Posted at: April 24th, 2007 - 11:48 am - Number of Comments » 7

I can sum up in three words why my son is absolutely destined to grow up spoiled: Big.  Brown.  Eyes. Trust me, his father has gotten some mileage out of that one, too.

Posted at: April 20th, 2007 - 10:14 am - Number of Comments » 1

Even before the Virginia Tech shootings, a series of events had been causing me to ponder the nature of schadenfruede, the perverse pleasure we derive from the misfortunes of others, and how amplified this pleasure is when the “other” is someone we view with recognized or unrecognized envy.  We feed in a frenzy on the […]

Posted at: April 19th, 2007 - 10:56 am - Number of Comments » 4

In a way, I had.  Between trying to maintain productivity while working from home with a sick child yesterday and staring aghast at the news coming out of Virginia Tech, I just didn’t have either the time or mental energy to pour out anything coherent. Besides, I think I may be the only person who […]

Posted at: April 18th, 2007 - 10:51 am - Number of Comments » 0

Just a couple of material comforts that made up for my business-trip mishaps:  Despite having to pay a stupid amount of money for it, even after the rebate, I have replaced my 3125 with my first love in smartphones: My sexy new Blackjack.  Only mine is actually sexier with the black menu bars and red […]

Posted at: April 16th, 2007 - 2:37 pm - Number of Comments » 5

First things first.  The house (otherwise known as “Our further adventures in home non-buying”) has some tiny little issues: Much older than the claimed, or I am no judge of construction styles. Because of #1, in need of much updating – on top of which, previous owner was a smoker, so every stitch of carpet […]

Posted at: April 16th, 2007 - 12:37 pm - Number of Comments » 6

There is so, so much. Nothing earthshattering. All absurd. Just the grinding stupid minutiae of daily annoyances.  And a reiteration will wait until I have had: Food.  Coffee. Shower. Mindless TV. Pretty much in that order.

Posted at: April 11th, 2007 - 5:39 pm - Number of Comments » 7

I think there should be a law against posting Amazon sales on blogs.  And if there were, I would SO be turning Sarah in to the authorities right now. Against all the rules of logic, decency and good budgeting (when I should be crimping against the eventuality of buying a few little things, like a […]

Posted at: April 10th, 2007 - 9:02 am - Number of Comments » 8