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Small Change

Beth over at Diary of a Playground Dropout has already moved on to the next month of the project, and I am JUST finishing my first month of the Small Change project.

I like to subscribe to the philosophy “Think Global, Act Local”.  I think that we start changing the world by doing our part in our small corner of it. 

I kept passing by the aisle in our local Walmart that STILL contained the clearance toys from Christmas, and I kept meaning to go down the aisle and buy some DVD’s and toys to donate to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  But money has been tight for us this year, too, and I kept passing it by and passing it by.

This month, thanks to lot of medical bills last year and being on a single income, we finally got a bit of money back from Uncle Sam.  So last night, while I was grocery shopping, I bought a bunch of little kid’s DVD’s and a few sudoku games to take over to the Children’s Hospital.  I have filled out the paperwork, and I will send them with Kris on his way to work next week.

For all you Arkansas locals, here is a wish list from Children’s Hospital.  They need small things that help make the stay more comfortable and comforting for the children and families that come from all over Arkansas to be treated.  Please spend just a little extra when you make your next trip to Walmart to help these families cope just a little better.

February 16th, 2007 at 10:51 am
One Response to “It’s month one, and I am already late”
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    Beth Says:

    What a nice thing to do! And who cares about being late – I barely made my own deadline.