“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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… that the cardboard box was inducted last year into the Toy Hall of Fame*:     * If any of you have the opportunity to visit the Strong Museum of Play in my hometown of Rochester, NY, do it.  If you don’t love it, you have no inner child, and there is no hope […]

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In the last two days, two icons of my youth passed away – James Brown and Gerald Ford. My childhood spanned the early years of Soul and the entirety of the Vietnam war.  My earliest political memories were of the Nixon-McGovern campaign and I vividly remember watching the newscasts of Nixon’s resignation and Gerald Ford’s […]

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After getting Sarah’s Missing-Blogger-Milk-Carton email (not about me), I realized that I hadn’t really touched the old blog in five days.  Not exactly a millennium, I realize, but unusual for me.  I don’t know why this assuages my guilt, but by the looks of the traffic on my regular reads, I am not alone in my […]

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Today at 1pm officially begins Christmas.  At least for me. It’s been a rough week.  I don’t often talk about my work much because it’s either 1.) confidential, 2.) obscure, or 3.) gruesome.  This week it was all three.  It wasn’t an aspect of my job I enjoy, but it IS an aspect of my job, […]

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Top reasons I am not a pathologist: Bodily fluids. Yep.   That pretty much covers it. Excuse me.  I have to go burn my clothes.

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it’s off to work we go! I will be traveling for the next three days for work, staying in lovely Harriman, TN.  I will try to blog from the road, but it’s a study wrap-up, so no promises are implied. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Something I think should be on many of our Christmas lists:   Get yours at Fussy. So, what do you think?  Black or Red?

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Lest you fall into the trap of believing I am anything remotely resembling a profound thinker, I have to let you in on the secret of what I have been grateful for lately. After years of getting whatever baseline cell phone that came for free when I renewed my contract, I dipped one tenative toe […]

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Amy-Renee posted yesterday on how much she loved Christmas. Of the multitude of differences between my best friend and I (and “opposites attract” is about the only way to explain our close relationship), that is one of the things upon which we are in complete harmony. I love Christmas. I will start playing Christmas music […]

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I am usually do not like to talk about, or even write about, political topics.   Too many of the people I hang around are entrenched “facts be damned” kind of political thinkers, and discussion in that kind of atmosphere is worse than pointless.  It’s poisonous. This does not mean that I cannot be passionately political.  […]

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