“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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My son is righteously pissed at me.  I had the temerity, the sheer unmitigated GALL, to go on a business trip without him.  On the same week that he started at daycare.  I am now, in his estimation, a Bad Mommy. We didn’t really plan it that way.  But my husband’s part-time return to the […]

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If you set your coffee cup down to steady a horse, never set it lower than the level of the horse’s back. They will pee in it. Trust me on this one.

Posted at: November 28th, 2006 - 7:08 pm - Number of Comments » 7

…was graciously supplied by Sheila, who also was nice enough to reiterate the rules and the history of the quote challenge at her site, so I will not repeat them here.  I almost opted out of the challenge this week.  First, I have been on vacation – since I sit on a computer all day […]

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I actually love Thanksgiving.  Not really for the food part, but for the blessings part.  I know it sounds horribly corny, but I do much more reflection over the past year of my life on Thanksgiving than on New Year’s Eve.  The New Year is for looking forward.  Thanksgiving is for looking back. Among the […]

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If I have only one piece of personal wisdom that I have gleaned over the years, it is this – sometimes, it is far, far harder to walk away than it is to stay and fight.  And sometimes walking away is the sanest choice to make. I am not a person who walks away easily.  […]

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Sorry to wait so long to respond to my own quote.  My reticence to throw in my own “quote post” is in part due to my desire to see how other people interpreted Iron Maggie’s words first.  But a chunk of the delay just comes from having other things on my mind lately.  More on […]

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Today, two young boys lost their mother.  And their father lost the love of his life.  She was 29 years old.  She was healthy and vibrant and alive three weeks before.  There wasn’t time for her to say goodbye. I know this woman only through the words of her husband, who shared his story of love […]

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Did you ever look at your family and seriously wonder if gypsies left you at the doorstep? Sigh.

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It’s time to touch back to why I started blogging.  As I have mentioned multiple times, blogging for me is a form of cheap therapy.  I had this discussion with one of my friends recently who said that she just didn’t “get” the whole blogging thing.  She didn’t understand the point.  When I told them it was […]

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As the self-appointed President of the GAMBLE steering committee, I am abashed.  ABASHED, I tell you.  Y’all were so prompt in getting your reviews of Star in and I am late in oh-so-many ways… My last two reviews were shamefully late I still have not updated the reviews links on the main GAMBLE page. And, […]

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