“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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Or, how I became an attachment parent and didn’t even know it.  I haven’t really blogged about my son in a while, so I figure I can, with a certain amount of legitimacy, claim that I have avoided becoming one of the my-son-is-so-fantastic-oh-my-god-just-look-at-him parents that cause others to inwardly groan when they pull out the […]

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They needed a study to learn this?  Any woman on the street could have told you that.  One quick survey and millions of dollars would have been saved.  Of course, it took a woman scientist to even think to look.  There’s some irony for you. Sorry guys.  Now we have proof.

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About the Mondays and Fridays thing.  I was actually out sick yesterday (and most of the day Sunday).  And, as my husband reminded me – out sick, means not working.  Which translates to “don’t try to do anything of substance while I’m around, Lady.”  So I spent a lot of time napping and playing quietly […]

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After sorting, rearranging, pondering and occasionally deleting the drafts I had sitting around, I have decided that I don’t really feel like saying anything relevant today.  The weather is sufficiently moody for deep pondering – dark, rainy, and gloomy – but the contemplative state of mind just isn’t falling in with the program.  The sum total of […]

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As of 11:56 am, CST  Post on Chivalry – 12 Post on Concrete Mexicans – 20 Sigh. (and I am as guilty as anyone)

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And now for something totally different: Sabine at one point mentioned that she was thinking it was desirable to aquire a family of concrete Mexicans. Well girl, I have found the mother lode:   Complete with Burros.  Where, you ask, is this heaven on earth, this place of sublime statuary? Halfway between Memphis and Corinth, […]

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Okay – for all you non-SCA readers, keep those fingers in your ears.  Same song.  Second verse. Your rant-of-the-day is going out to the men.  It will (and this should be obvious, as it is coming from ME) apply to a few women out there, but I am going to function on the premise that […]

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Those of you who are not in the SCA might want to click off now, or put your fingers in your ears and sing “lalalalalala”. It really doesn’t apply to you, and will probably be incomprehensible, melodramatic, or, worse, boring. Disclaimer over. Sarah wrote the best, most kick-ass blog about the abrogation of responsibilities displayed by […]

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Sorry, folks.  I have at least four drafts started, but I am just not feeling deep enough today for substance.  I am frantically getting ready to fly out to New York to see my youngest sibling get hitched.  That I can trade the lingering summer heat of Arkansas for the autumn leaves of the Hudson […]

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One of my personal heros and role models died today. Ann Richards, Former Governor of Texas, lost her battle with esophageal cancer at 73. She was at once nail-tough and achingly humane, both towering icon and touching, fallible, human being.  She showed the world that women could play hard-ball in the rough and tumble field of Texas […]

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