“Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” – Albert Einstein

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Since the subject of money and budgets has been on my mind lately, I have been thinking ahead to the purchase of the next book.  I know this is old news to many of you, but I found NEW copies of the next book at Half.com for less than $5, INCLUDING the shipping. I hadn’t really paid […]

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Total so far to attend my baby brother’s wedding? $585.00 And I haven’t even bought a gift. They are getting married in the heart of the Hudson Valley wine country.  Near Vassar.  And the NY Culinary Institute. During the height of the fall leaf-viewing season. The kicker is that I could stay in a cute little B&B […]

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Just don’t have it in me today folks.  Ennui has completely taken over and won.  I have not had such a complete lack of inertia since,…well, since at least sixth grade. Not really sick – except the constant joint pain and fatigue that has plagued me since a few months after Harry was born, but that […]

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The place I buy my embroidery files has started carrying Happy Bunny designs. Okay – how many times have you wished this: Were on a nightshirt? And I think my son needs a sweatshirt with one of these: The possibilities intrigue me…

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Sigh. The new Nikon D80. 10.2 megapixel.  Same ergodynamics as the D50. All my Nikkor lenses are compatible. I absolutely, positively CANNOT justify it.  I will just have to live in want.

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The list has been updated.  Abigail has been out of town and got me her books a bit late.  I integrated them at random, but the top several have not changed.  If you bookmarked the page for later, you should be fine, but if you printed it, you may want to reprint it. Just a […]

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Just to save everyone a little money – and I don’t receive kickbacks or anything from them – you might want to check out Zooba.  Kris and I are HUGE Zooba fans.  They are a whole different kind of book club – no selections of the month and flat pricing.  You  make your own book […]

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Here they are – the book list for the group I am so appropriately calling GAMBLE – the Gleann Abhann Medieval Bloggers Literary Endeavor.  It’s an interesting mix: The Devil in the White City Greek Fire, Poison Arrows & Scorpion Bombs A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis  Star:  A Novel […]

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Okay, folks, before I reveal The List, I need book lists from the following: Charles – we are science-lite, so a few won’t hurt Kat – I thought I got yours, but I cannot find them Sabine – two more – THE book is already on the list Amy-Renee – There are actually NO fantasy […]

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You will rarely see me make a political post here, or a post on current world events.  As you have probably guessed, it isn’t that I don’t hold opinions (c’mon, really? me?), it’s just that I don’t often have the energy to voice them.  But am I the only one lately that has to turn […]

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